2023 Winner

Red Memory: Living, Remembering and Forgetting China’s Cultural Revolution

Tania Branigan | Faber & Faber (UK), W. W. Norton (US)

“Haunting and memorable, Tania Branigan’s sensitive study of the impact of the Cultural Revolution on the lives and psyches of an entire generation in China affected every juror, as it will every reader. All of us found ourselves unable to stop thinking about this extraordinary book. All of us were deeply moved by the trauma she so vividly describes and by the skills on which she drew in doing so. This is a must-read.”
Philippa Levine, 2023 Chair of the Jury


Meet our 2023 Jury

2023 Cundill History Prize jury announced as international submission close for another record year

Spanning three continents and a breadth of historical fields from the modern Middle East, 19th Century Chile, North-American Indigenous studies, and the Mongol Empire, historians Marie Favereau, Eve M. Trout Powell, Sol Serrano, Coll Thrush, and author and The New Yorker writer and author Adam Gopnik, join chair Philippa Levine, to complete the 2023 Cundill History Prize jury, deliberating over another record year for submissions.

Philippa Levine said regarding the selection of her fellow jurors: “I’m honoured as well as thrilled to be working with colleagues as talented and brilliant as my fellow jurors. The depth and the range of their knowledge and expertise is humbling, and their enthusiasm for the job ahead of us is infectious.”


2023 Season Schedule

September 27

Shortlist Announcement

New York City

October 16

Finalists Announcement


November 7

The Cundill Conversation

with Vladislav Zubok, 2022 Finalist | Montreal | RSVP

November 8

The Cundill Forum

with the three 2023 finalists | Montreal | RSVP

November 8

The 2023 Winner Announcement


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