Publishers’ Commitments

For a book to be eligible, the publisher agrees:

  • to make every effort to ensure that sufficient copies of longlisted books are available for sale by the McGill University Bookshop, by October 1, 2017.
  • to participate in subsequent media advertising for the Cundill History Prize Winner, mentioning the Cundill History Prize at McGill University under the aegis of FMcM Associates and the Cundill History Prize team;
  • to encourage longlisted and shortlisted authors to participate in all reasonable publicity associated with the Cundill History Prize, including interviews, readings, and appearances. Longlisted authors will be expected to commit to a minimum of 1-2 national/international media interviews. Shortlisted authors will be expected to commit to a minimum of 3-4 national/international media interviews;
  • to use their best efforts to sticker copies of the winning book with Cundill History Prize stickers (to be provided);
  • to provide the contact information and short biography of longlisted authors, together with the latest author media pack and a high-quality, high-resolution photograph; and to ensure all materials have been cleared for use in newspapers, magazines, and on the Cundill History Prize website.

Judging & Criteria

The jury will compile a longlist of no more than 10 books, from which a shortlist of 3 books will be chosen.

The jury will chose one winner of the Cundill History Prize. This individual will be awarded US$75,000.

The two remaining authors on the shortlist will each receive the Cundill History Prize Recognition of Excellence Award, together with US$10,000.

For works in translation the Cundill History Prize and the two Recognition of Excellence Awards will be shared by the author (80%) and the translator (20 %).

In making its selection, the jury will be guided by historical scholarship, literary quality, and originality in identifying and defining the issues, and presenting authoritative analysis and evidence
to illuminate the issues and support the conclusions, as well as writing and presenting the material in a manner to appeal to the general public.

The jury will select the longlist, the shortlist and the winner in private deliberations preceding each announcement.

The decision of the jury shall be binding.

Publishers should be aware that they will receive no advance notice of the shortlist or the winner.

Awards Ceremony

The three shortlisted authors will be honoured at the Cundill History Prize Awards Ceremony and gala dinner to be held in Montreal, on 16 November 2017.

The Cundill History Prize Lecture

The winner of the Cundill History Prize will be granted a public lecture at McGill University during the following year. The lecture will be recorded and made available online.


The rules for eligibility and submissions requirements shall be interpreted and may be revised from time to time at the discretion of the Cundill History Prize Advisory Committee.